Nonprofit Newsletter June 2020

Greetings all.  Coming out of Covid has changed the way we are all living and doing business.  We were having a thriving economy until the Covid virus hit us and paralyzed our very lives.  Business and Personal, Young and Old, Rich and Poor.  No one really escaped the wrath this has brought to us.  Together we can bring back the economy and regain our lives with little changes that have come out of these times.  There are several key words.  Innovation and personalization.  Therefore, if we can think kindly and think outside of the box, we will survive this as well.  I hope that those who can help will.  Those who need help; hopefully they will not give up and take time and accept help as it comes to them.  It helps to pray for others as well as for ourselves.

This month’s nonprofit feature:

The Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce
Education Foundation

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