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Nonprofit Newsletter May 2020

This months newsletter feature is on The Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce and how they have been reaching out to businesses during these trying times. Although I am a very small part of the Chamber as the Nonprofit Liaison, I just need to share that throughout the past month and a half your Chamber…

Nonprofit Newsletter October 2019

October is a New Month, with a Clean Slate, and Fresh Beginnings. May every day in October give you all strength, courage, renewed hope, strong faith, inner peace and the Blessings of Autumn. I realize this is the month of increased hurricane activity in the Caribbean area. We will keep a watchful eye out; however,…

Nonprofit Newsletter September 2019

September brings shorter days and is the only month to have the same number of letters in its name as the number of the month. I greet each of you while you are enjoying the slight changes in the weather. I’m asking you to also give a thought to the 35 nonprofit members of the…

Nonprofit Newsletter August 2019

Greetings everyone! Can you believe it’s August? The months are just flying by. Before we know it, Fall will be upon us and then Christmas! This year has been fantastic so far, filled with so many really great Chamber events every month. August will be no different. Be sure to check the Chamber calendar on…

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