Guns & Hoses Hot Wings Challange

The annual Guns & Hoses hot wings challenge was held September 16th at Rumba Island Bar & Grill in Oldsmar. This just in... The Sherriff's Department has won for the first time and takes home the trophy!

There were six Sheriffs and six Firefighters each eating six hot wings to see which team finished first. Reports are that the wings were the best and hottest that this competition has ever seen.

Rumba's donated 15% of all pre-taxed food and alcohol during the event. Proceeds are usedĀ for the family of fallen Sheriffs and Firefighters. Guns & Hoses events happen all around the country pitting Sheriffs and Firefighters in fun competitions to raise money for various charities. Thank you to all of our first responders for what you do in our communities.