You can now get rides to/from PSTA bus routes for as little as $1.00!

PSTA is introducing a new county-wide transit improvement service called DirectConnect.  DirectConnect allows riders to get Uber, United Taxi or Wheelchair Transport rides to and from designated bus stops for as little as one dollar each way.  The program is designed to make riding PSTA easier by offering affordable rides to and from certain stops throughout the county.  This is particularly important for people who would otherwise have long walks to and from their nearest bus stop or when the weather is too hot or rainy for walking to and from a stop.

PSTA will subsidize the DirectConnect rides up to $5, so some riders will pay about a dollar for their ride to/from the designated stop, while others, who are traveling farther, will pay a little more.

For details on how this exciting new program works click here or visit: