Yes Virginia….

Each Christmas Season Jamson Labs, a family owned, Oldsmar based manufacturer, takes on a community project for our needy families.

This year they have decided on something unique that may possibly involve you and they asked if we could help in providing you some information. On December 2, every fifth grade student at Oldsmar Elementary School was provided with a $150 Jefferson Bank gift card with a catch. They must spend at least $100 of that on one or more family members or someone in need. They can spend $50 on themselves. So the object is to help them learn both about generosity and make decisions on how best to leverage their windfall. Great idea, there are now lots of Virginia’s in our community.

Here’s where you come in. There are no stipulations on where or how they are to expend this money so you may see some wide-eyed youngster in your establishment trying to spread some holiday cheer. They are not experienced consumers. If one of the youngsters makes it to your establishment please offer as much assistance to the student shoppers as you can!

Thanks for your cooperation and have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!