Tips For Ensuring Security For Your Upper Tampa Event

One of the main goals of the Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce is to constantly and effectively cater to the needs of the community. We strive to do this through any means possible, and this includes driving various events in the area. Locals and interested parties can participate in volunteer and charity events, team buildings, fun entertainment, and the opportunity to meet with potential buyers. If you are currently planning such an event, you should place safety on top of your list of priorities. To come to your help, here are a few of the most inspiring event security solutions to put into practice.

Security Practices That Minimize Risks

Hiring security guards for your event will not suffice. Threats are real and all around us, and events that draw a lot of people are magnets for opportunist thieves. Setting up the most effective security plan revolves around excellent coordination and top-notch communication. Guests and staff alike need to be kept safe, as well as the venue used for the event and any property on it.

Focus on the logistics of the event. Keep in mind an indoor venue will have different requirements compared to one located outdoors. If you plan on using catering services, make sure the venue's policy allows you to use this option instead of their in-house services. It is also important to learn whether certain rooms and areas will be put at your disposal or not. You may also need to store some of your electronic equipment inside the perimeter over the night. See if the managers of the building will agree on that as well. If not, figure out the most effective solutions.

Find The Necessary Resources

Will the venue you plan on renting for your upcoming event provide you with audio-video gear and necessary supplies and seats? What about any personnel you may need? Have backup prepared and keep all of your contact numbers within easy reach. Make sure you have the right budget for your event and find sponsors ahead of time, if needed.

Tighten Security

Assess the venue and find all the entry points. Are there any other entryways potential intruders could use to get into the building? This could be anything from a back door to a window with access from the exterior. The personnel that will be attending your event and your security team will need to be informed of the existence of all of these additional entryways. It is useful to set up a diagram that can be shared with your entire team for better results.

Secure the perimeter of the event in case you will be organizing it outdoors. Rely on barricades and fencing with superior locks on, motion sensor cameras and alarms and other similar solutions.

Get in touch with expert security services, including commercial locksmith companies like 24/7 ASAP Locksmith near me. Have them assess all of your security needs and recommend the most effective temporary solutions. An experienced lock technician can install any type of lock, re-key and fix it with high-end tools and update customers with the latest advancements in the locksmithing industry. If you will need to store valuable equipment and supplies on the premise prior to the event, make sure you are prepared for it. Electric padlocks and magnetic locks that can conceal doors and storage compartments make for excellent choices. Have a budget ready, compare a few options, and read some reviews before making a final call. You may need to use a safe for storing any prizes and valuable items you may have prepared to hand out as rewards during your event.

Identify All Risks Associated With Your Guests

While performing background checks on all the people who will be attending your event is not realistic, you should assess and find all potential risks associated with them. If you have sent out invitations to employees who work for companies that are known for their controversial past, you may be looking at an increased risk of protests. If you will be selling tickets to your event, pay extra attention to people buying in bulk. It may be an indicator of someone making a purchase to be an event protester buying tickets for other disruptors.

Also, the more people will be attending out event, the greater the risks. Your personnel needs to be ready to handle a large crowd and accurately exert their authority. Exits need to be maintained clear at all times. In the event of an emergency, people need to be able to use panic doors to rapidly and safely exit the building.