Regional Transportation Gets Hammered…wanna get involved?

The Tampa Bay regional public transportation has been ranked as one of the worst in the nation. Maybe even worse, it’s the best that Florida has to offer. Jacksonville is 48 out the 49 metro areas ranked. Read the details by clicking here.

Here’s something to chew on. Of our region’s 1.2 million jobs, only 53,000 are accessible on transit within one hour, the study found. Only 343 jobs are available within a 10 minute commute on transit. The study included input from regional providers from Hernando to Manatee counties. The study recommends attention in two areas to improve transit accessibility: increasing speed along transportation networks and utilizing land use strategies that encourage density. Those factors are not being collaboratively employed in the region at this point. Of course, that is made more difficult as any “plan” has to cross multiple jurisdictions and agencies.

The Tampa Bay Regional Transportation Authority (TBARTA) is charged with trying to herd all the cats involved in helping move up the ladder from number 38. They are hosting a Regional Transportation Forum on Friday July 20 at the Airport Marriott from 1 to 4 PM. Check details here if you want to learn more about the plans, initiatives and issues involved.