Our Website: Your CRM!

Dear Members,

We recently upgraded the CRM on our website and it offers you a host of great services.  Most member sites allow you to sign in as members for some functions but, in reality, most members do not use those features regularly.  This site is a game changer!!!

All members are provided a special code to establish an account on our site.  You will choose your own password to establish security.  This article lists some of the major features offered in bullet point format for brevity.  Contact your Ambassador or Mark Howe if you need technical assistance.

  • You are in charge of your web listing content and aesthetics
  • Your listing is now much more robust and secure; it has tabs for
    • About Us…use your creativity and develop a super business description
    • Highlights…hit the essentials, what separates from the crowd?
    • Media…you can add both photos and video
    • Rep Info…the site will accept your phone, fax, email and website. For added security and Spam protection, users (not logged in members) will be able to email you but not directly access your email address.  Users can also contact you using the Request Info tab on your listing.  If you want your email displayed, you can add it to About Us or Highlights Tab
    • Map… a Google map will be added based on your address
  • So the FIRST thing you want to do is develop YOUR dynamite web listing and update it at your discretion
  • Hiring? You can add Job Postings to your listing which appear under the Your Chamber heading on our website.
  • Hot Deals? If you have offers for the general public you can add them.  They will also appear under the Your Chamber heading on our website.
  • Hosting an Event? You can also list anything you are hosting on our community calendar.
  • Member to Member Offer? If you have a hot deal that only applies to chamber members you can list that also and only members with an established, secure account can view that.
  • Need More Detailed Member Information? When signed in you can access complete member service information including emails when signed in.
  • Social Media? Another GREAT feature is that everything you post in your directory will automatically be linked to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Metrics? When signed in you will have access to an array of powerful reporting tools to see how many potential customers or partners are accessing your listing, hot deals, member to member offers, etc.

All this and more once you activate your member account!!!  At the UTB Chamber it’s ALL about relationships.  So start using this powerful relationship building tool today and often!!!