Common Security Threats For Oldsmar Businesses

Security breaches are a serious problem that is affecting businesses in all industries and on all levels. Big actors and small venues alike are periodically targeted, and threats and hazards come from a number of different sources. Ransomware attacks have started to make their presence felt into the lives of businesses all around the world. But physical threats in the form of vandalism, employee theft, disgruntled employees, and robberies are also part of the list of threats. Here are a few of the most common security threats the local businesses in Oldsmar could fall victim to, along with a few precautionary measures that experts recommend.

Careless Employees Losing Keysprosco website

A careless employee who does not pay as much attention as they should to the location of their own keys, access passcodes and computer passwords will jeopardize the security of any business. While their actions might not be intentional or malicious, they will still put the building and the overall business under serious threat. Coworkers sharing their passwords or having them carelessly displayed on post-it notes on monitors, accessing potentially unsafe websites, and borrowing access keys to unauthorized individuals for different reasons are all risks that need to be limited. This can be done by providing employees with the training they need to handle various forms of security procedures.

The training should include information on data security and its critical importance, as well as the risks associated to malware and phishing emails. Data encryption and the use of master lock systems will eliminate most of the threats as well. Expert locksmiths that specialize in commercial services are your go-to people for learning more about master keys, deadbolt locks, keyless systems, electromagnetic locks, panic bars and doors, locks for mailing boxes and cabinets and more. Check out the Prosco website and get more information on the type of security services a local locksmith could provide you with. If one of your employees were to lose or misplace a key to the office, or they would have their copy stolen, you should immediately get in touch with an emergency locksmith in Oldsmar or the surrounding area and ask them to re-key your locks. If the locks on your doors are not the sturdiest or most reliable ones (at least commercial grade-1, preferably grade-1), they may also recommend you to have them replaced with superior locks.

Employees Who Are Not Happy

A former employee or one who is not fully satisfied with some workplace conditions might also pose certain security threats to a business. Since they know all the passwords and have the keys or authentication data needed to make their way into a sensitive area, they could steal office supplies, equipment, and confidential documents, or cause irreparable damage inside server rooms.

Changing passwords and credentials whenever an old employee leaves the company or gets fired is a must. The same goes for collecting their keys and access cards. Unusual behavior should also be closely monitored.

Improper Physical Security Measures

Having poor quality, worn-out, or broken locks on the main entryways or on the office doors will make potential burglars' job a lot easier. Exterior doors should be fitted with deadbolt locks and mortice lock, but electric and keyless locks that rely on wireless or bluetooth systems are also good choices.

Windows should also be fitted with small-keyed locks and, if possible, sensor alarms. Gates should have locks installed both at the top and bottom for proper protection. Stout padlocks are excellent additions to roller shutter doors. Trained and experienced locksmiths can fit any lock, re-key and repair broken ones, and give out advice on the best solutions.

Security alarms and surveillance cameras are also good deterrents against potential burglars and intruders. Monitoring cameras will also discourage employees who may be thinking about doing something that goes against the policy of the company.

It is essential to keep records of all the employees and contractors who hold copies of the keys. The records should clearly mention which doors they can gain access to, so proper key access management can be maintained.

It is also critical to properly and periodically inspect the surroundings of the building and make sure there are no holes in the fences. Electric fences are also an option that should keep intruders outside. Climbing walls and fences should be discouraged with the help of special anti-climb spikes. Remember to set up reminders that will let people know about the spikes and consider non-drying paint that will prevent people from climbing the rooftop.