Supporting Nonprofits

Expand Your Nonprofit's Reach!

Your Unique UTBC Nonprofit Opportunity

  • You're listed in the UTB Chamber Directory
  • You're placed on the UTB Chamber website
  • Your organization's events are posted on our website
  • Vendor booths are available to you at all events including:
    • Oldsmar Days
    • Oktoberfest
    • Summer Festival
  • You get vendor tables at trade shows
  • You get placement of gift baskets or merchandise at any event
  • You're invited to speak to potential benefactors at nonprofit luncheons
  • Fundraising workshops
  • Technology assistance for nonprofits

UTB Chamber's OBJECTIVE For Your Nonprofit

  • Promote awareness
  • Provide a voice through the UTB Chamber website and social media
  • Provide donation opportunities at events
  • Provide platforms to introduce benefactors

Your Events, Your Family

As a member, you're part of a family sponsoring many local business events like the Mayor's breakfast and other gatherings including festivals, concerts and charitable events. UTB Chamber is your way to connect and stay in touch with a large number of people and businesses in your community.

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A handshake, an introduction, invitations to the same gatherings ... meeting "the right" people is invaluable.

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