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Business Assistance Specialist
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Business Assistance Specialist

As a small business owner –- or a prospective business owner – there is nothing more common than feeling alone … no supervisor to turn to for guidance and no colleague to ask for an opinion.

But being in business for yourself doesn’t have to mean that you’re in business by yourself!  There is a place you can go for guidance and support … the Upper Tampa Bay Chamber's Business Assistance Specialist.  This position was designed with three primary goals in mind:

 1)      To give existing Upper Tampa Bay area businesses the help they need to stay in business and turn a profit;

2)      To give companies that are in a position to grow the assistance they need to successfully expand their operation; and

3)      To help start-up business owners get their “ducks in a row,” and give them the best possible chance for success in today’s increasingly competitive economy.

The  Business Assistance Specialist provides many different types of assistance to local businesses, including:

  • Scheduling your Free appointment with a local certified business consultant.  Just some of the topics the certified consultant can help you with include; business plan development, marketing plan development, identifying financing options, and more.

  • Local permitting information

  • Eliminating bureaucratic "red tape"

  • Access to demographic survey information

  • Access to customized employee training programs (manufacturers)

  • Access to assistance finding employees

  • Information on local and state business grants and incentives

  • Conducts business visits along with the Oldsmar City Manager and Mayor (Oldsmar Businesses Only)

  • and more!

The business assistant specialist acts as a conduit to link businesses with solutions to their problems in an effort to resolve those issues that may be hampering their growth and/or profitability.  He also works pro-actively to identify and monitor both growth and "at risk" postured businesses.

The specialist has specific tasks and provides a myriad of other services specifically to the manufacturing community also.

This service is free to all businesses to include both members and non-members alike.  To learn more or to speak directly with the chamber's business assistance specialist call the chamber at 813-855-4233 or email Jerry Peruzzi.

 08/01/2014 -
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