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Manufacturers' Association
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Manufacturers' Association

You may not realize it but manufacturers are extremely important to the communities they are located in.  Think about this, if a call center wants to move out of town for any reason all they need to do is pack up their computers and phones and move.  But manufacturers almost always have a huge footprint.  Their facilities are generally designed and built based on their specific needs and their equipment generally can't just be picked up and moved by your average moving company.  So it is generally very difficult for manufacturers to just pick up and move.

But manufacturers don't normally get involved with their local chambers of commerce and the reason is simple.  Many manufacturer's needs are very specific and sometimes unlike your average retail or service organization.  They almost always work in national and global markets too.  But because they also generally have out of town customers, higher wages and higher employee counts who live locally, they infuse a great deal of money into our communties.

So, sometimes due to all the intricacies they don't think they need their local chambers of commerce...but we need them!  That is why the Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership (FMEP) have created the Upper Tampa Bay Manufacturers' Association.  We address their specific needs!  This association is open to manufacturers ONLY.

To learn more about our Manufacturers' Association click here!

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